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Amir Zokaee

B.EnvD  BFA. 


Amir, an accomplished founder and lead designer at Zokaee Studio, boasts over 6 years of invaluable professional Interior design experience and a well-established network of trusted trades. Holding bachelor degrees in fine arts and environmental design, Amir is dedicated to ensuring that his clients realize their vision for the perfect space.

Amir exhibits a profound understanding of seamlessly blending form, function, and layout to craft distinctive spaces with timeless aesthetics. His expertise extends from collaborating with reliable trades to overseeing projects from initial ideation through design to final execution, reassuring clients that their projects will receive the utmost care and craftsmanship. Amir's enthusiasm lies in bringing his client's vision to life through a thoughtfully crafted design concept.

Beyond the studio, Amir can be found indulging in various flavors of ice cream and fostering meaningful connections.

The Studio 

Zokaee Studio, a distinguished boutique firm specializing in custom residential and commercial interior design, offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing strategy, sourcing, and project management. Our commitment is to establish a close-knit, collaborative process with clients, instilling confidence in their decision to entrust us with their investment and vision. The studio engages with a meticulously curated network of partners and trades, aligning with our core principles of quality, approach, and workmanship. At Zokaee Studio, we take pride in crafting beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs tailored to each client's unique lifestyle. Recognizing that every project serves as a distinct reflection of the client's personality, values, and mission, we strive to create spaces that transcend the ordinary.

Elevate your space to mirror your individuality.


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Vision & Values: Envision residing in a space that breathes life into the narrative of the life you aspire to lead. Zokaee Studio firmly believes that a space reflecting your values, lifestyle, and mission can positively impact your state of mind and should be accessible to all. Collaborating closely with our clients, we endeavor to shape a space that holds personal meaning based on the pillars of trust, transparency, and quality.

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